Smart. Simple. Solutions

Simplicity is not the same as easy.
Unlock focuses on how to do fewer things better.

Powerful things happen when great minds gather

Time is short and batteries are low.

The digital world is overwhelming with distractions and demands. Most organizations don’t have time to create quality learning experiences that appeal to smart, busy people.

The combination of our hardware (like brain science, chronobiology & technology) and software (like information science, psychology & habits) is the differentiator between input and results.

Unlock delivers material that can be understood quickly, revisited frequently, and built upon with practical steps to take and try today.

Unlock Live

There is nothing quite like the energy that happens when a group gathers to collaborate and learn. Kristin brings Unlock to life via interactive keynotes, deep dive workshops, and in a cohort series of sessions related to key Unlock concepts (productivity, communications, culture) or blended into the learning curriculum of your organization.

Unlock Virtual

In our hybrid, digital world, quality delivery can be a click away. Virtual options can support real-time or asynchronous forums and flex to meet schedule, time zone, and budget needs. With dynamic content and accessible modalities, Unlock fits where and how you need it.

Unlock Events

Throughout the year, Unlock offers immersive experiences through webinars, workshops, mentorship groups, and retreats. These open-to-all curated events blend broad learning with personalized action through live and virtual options. Click here to join the mailing list and learn about upcoming events.

Below are a few of Kristin's most requested topics:

If the answers were easy, you wouldn't be here

You’ve probably been to the trainings, bought the books, and downloaded the podcasts. Many of the concepts are well-known. Unlock provides the insider’s guide for individuals and teams to get there faster.

No prework, no thick manuals

This is a ready-to-launch investment with focused information, digestible material, and credibility that spans the boardroom to the breakout room.