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Writing Tips with an Amazon Instructor, interview by Forbes columnist Carmine Gallo

How to Write Better, Faster (Microsoft Event), presentation sponsored by the WomenITpros group at Microsoft


Taking Chances and Creating Your Personal Brand (with Kristin Graham), Career Sequel – The Return to Work Podcast with Lee Koles Ph.D.

The Impact Words Have on Your Business with Kristin Graham, Be the CEO with Andra Erickson

Fewer Things Better with Kristin Graham, Food Business Success with Sari Kimbell

ACCIDENTALLY STRATEGIC + Interview w/ Kristin Graham, The Queen of Comm by Paisley Haddad

Business Communication Advice During a Pandemic, Conversations on Careers and Professional Life by Gregory Heller

Dare to Be DeliberateKristin Graham Takes the Show with Angee Linsey


Hybrid Learning: Training for Two, Association for Talent Development

5 Minutes with Kristin Graham, Simply Communicate Internal Communication & Digital Workplace experts

How to Build, Maintain and Scale a Strong Culture, OpenView

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