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Ep. 7 – Four Ways to Boost Your Brain

We are what we repeat. Neuroplasticity is the science behind our capacity to rewire our brains.  This 7-minute episode looks at four simple steps that can help refresh our mental map and put you on the path to positive progress.  Today’s

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Ep. 24 – Indecision Is a Decision

The brain, just like the day, is full of activity. Some research has indicated that the average person makes more than 35,000 decisions a day. This episode focuses on the decisions you are not making, and how that can be a signal of what you are avoiding.

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Ep. 23 – Productivity: The 7 Day Sprint

Odds are you’re more likely to keep promises to others before you keep one to yourself. And that’s from research, not just popular psychology. There is a neural component to promise keeping and promise breaking. When looking at promises related to productivity principles, there is both art and actual science behind what motivates some actions over others. Consistency is a promise you keep to yourself. The repetition of self-respect drives real results.

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Ep. 22 – Brain + Action: The Power of Permission

Giving yourself permission to explore new & big ideas is an important brain exercise. Flexing this mental muscle tips the brain into actively looking for ways to turn dreams into potential possibilities. This episode highlights three simple steps to try when you give your mind permission to play.

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Ep. 21 – Your Brain Offline: Testing a Tech Sabbatical

In this noisy world, technology seems to be knocking on our brain at all hours of the day. This episode explores the idea of a tech sabbath – a set period of time for a digital detox. There are tangible benefits to your brain and body even after a matter of minutes. Learn a few ways where you can be a little less connected for a little while. Your brain will thank you for it.

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Ep. 20 – How We Power Progress: Friction vs. Fuel

Progress, and productivity, require energy – and that energy has a cognitive and physiological cost. Our brain is one of the hungriest parts of your body. It consumes approximately 20% of all of the energy each day. All of our thinking and doing draws down on the cognitive and physical reserves. But energy can be counterbalanced by exploring where you are using your fuel and where you are encountering friction. This episode explores ways to adjust the control panel of how, when, and how much of our ourselves we are giving in order to get.

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Ep. 19 – Productivity: The 10-Minute Kickstart

We often overestimate what we can get done in a day and underestimate the progress that can happen in just a few minutes. This episode outlines the time-based tool of a 10 Minute Kickstart and how the act of simply starting something gives your brain a boost that can propel further progress.

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