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Ep. 28 – Brain Food: Recoding Negative Thoughts

Your brain processes 70,000 thoughts each day. These thoughts create patterns that get encoded in our brain. How much of what is encoded is outdated and/or negative information? Like any software system, it’s possible to update our cognitive code

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Ep. 27 – Productivity: Cost Per Distraction

The average adult gets interrupted about every 6 minutes. Each distraction comes with a cost – some that we willingly pay and others that cost more than we initially realize. This conversation looks at the quantity & quality of the

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Ep. 24 – Indecision Is a Decision

The brain, just like the day, is full of activity. Some research has indicated that the average person makes more than 35,000 decisions a day. This episode focuses on the decisions you are not making, and how that

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Ep. 23 – Productivity: The 7 Day Sprint

Odds are you’re more likely to keep promises to others before you keep one to yourself. And that’s from research, not just popular psychology. There is a neural component to promise keeping and promise breaking. When looking at promises related

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Ep. 22 – Brain + Action: The Power of Permission

Giving yourself permission to explore new & big ideas is an important brain exercise. Flexing this mental muscle tips the brain into actively looking for ways to turn dreams into potential possibilities. This episode highlights three simple steps to try

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Ep. 36 – 10 Gifts That Cost Nothing & Mean a Lot

We don’t have to buy, buy, buy in order to give. This episode highlights 10 ideas on how to give from the heart (and the brain) versus from the wallet. See if any kickstart ideas for the people in your life or inspire ideas on future gifts you’d like to get.

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Ep. 35 – How to Get ROI on Extra Time

Imagine you got an extra hour added to your day today. How would you spend those bonus minutes? How we spend our time reveals how we value our time. This episode explores two tips to try if you find yourself with found time and how to make the most of minutes in your everydays.

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Ep. 34 – 3 (Easy) Tips to Boost a Tired Brain

In a world that is always on, there is a tangible benefit to making time to turn the brain off. Chronic fatigue is more than just a sleep issue. It ties back into the brain. This episode looks at mood and energy benefits that come when the brain has a little extra space + three tips to try in your daily life.

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Ep. 32 – The Brain Boost of Giving Thanks

There is a crushing consumerism to buy in order to give. This short episode explores how the act of giving thanks returns a gift back to your body and brain. Gratitude is a multiplier. The more that you actively give thanks, the more the brain is programmed to look for positive experiences in your daily life. It’s also a gift with purchase as each effort extended to others rewards you with feel-good hormones. Give thanks, get happy.

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Ep. 31 – The Case for Space: Less Stuff = Happy Brain

We all have places and spaces that have too much stuff, either physically or digitally. A recent experience led me to explore the scientific and psychological impact of more space. This episode also offers three simple tactics to help your brain shift to action vs. indecision to make room for space.

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