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Ep. 35 – How to Get ROI on Extra Time

Imagine you got an extra hour added to your day today. How would you spend those bonus minutes? How we spend our time reveals how we value our time. This episode explores two tips to try if you find

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Ep. 32 – The Brain Boost of Giving Thanks

There is a crushing consumerism to buy in order to give. This short episode explores how the act of giving thanks returns a gift back to your body and brain. Gratitude is a multiplier. The more that you actively give

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Ep. 30 – How to (Quickly) Make a Connection

As we get back to more people-y activities, there are a few quick tools you can try to turn an interaction into a connection. From extending a quick compliment to posing a curious (but easy) question, never underestimate the

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Ep. 29 – The Secret Productivity Hack: Sleep

Sleep is one of the most overlooked and underrated productivity hacks that we can take in our daily lives. It’s also the thing we often trade in our pursuit of productivity. A recent study showed that two consecutive days of

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Ep. 42 – The Messy Middle: Why Being Good Enough Is Great

This episode is celebrating progress over perfection. It explores our conditioning of why we are challenged to accept good and burn harder to try to achieve great. We can be so busy preparing, perfecting, and polishing that we miss the here-and-now. The messy parts of us are important parts of us. We’re not supposed to sand it all away. If we do, we miss the opportunity to improve, evolve. Being real leads to real moments.

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Ep. 41 – Sunk Cost: The Extra Cost of Your Time, Money & Energy

Any previous time, money, or effort that has already been expended is known in financial principles as a Sunk Cost. It is an investment that has already occurred and cannot be recouped. This episode explores how our brains assign value to actions already taken, investments already made, and where we sometimes continue to ask give more without even being asked. It also offers a couple ideas on where you make investments today that will benefit your future self.

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Ep. 40 – How to Master a Skill in 18 Minutes

This episode explores the Rule of 100, which says you can dramatically improve a skill through 100 hours of learning or practicing. That amount of time gets you past the plateaus and frustration points as you gain skill proficiency. 100 hours over the course of a year comes out to 18 minutes a day. Learn more about this concept and how big things can come from small efforts.

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Ep. 39 – Habit Kickstart: The Power of 5 Good Minutes

A goal without a plan is just a wish. A habit without momentum is just a goal. This episode leans into the wisdom of the power of 5 good minutes, as mentioned in a conversation between habit authors Tim Ferriss and James Clear, based on Ferriss’ January 6, 2023 podcast interview with Clear (see link below). Learn three tips to try to power 5 good minutes throughout your day.

Show note: Link to Tim Ferriss podcast: https://tim.blog/2023/01/06/james-clear-atomic-habits/

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Ep. 38 – Making Decisions: Why ‘Yes’ & ‘No’ Are Hard to Say

We make thousands of decisions every day. Some are conscious, clear choices and others are subconscious routines. There are also the Yes and No answers that are obvious and immediate. Other times, we find ourselves stuck between the Yes and the No and grapple with how to decide and then how to share that decision. This episode looks at the root of that resistance, how to recognize your internal signals, and move from discomfort to decision.

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Ep. 37 – The Highlights Episode: Clips on Attention, Time, Decisions, Words, Connection & Sleep

This roundup episode offers quick clips from six previous podcast conversations. Listen to a collection of brain snacks that includes how the attention economy affects our daily lives, the people we allow to make deposits (or withdrawals) from our energy, the science and psychology of decision making, what happens when we take too many productivity shortcuts, three words that can change your life, and why sleep is the magic ingredient for our brain.

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