Ep. 73 – Progress = Repetition (Get Your Brain Ready)

In the field of aerospace and space exploration, there is a well-known and much debated boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. Referred to as the Kármán line (that’s K A R M A N), this invisible threshold is the intersection of sky and space. 

The line is typically defined as the altitude at 62 miles (or 100 kilometers) above sea level. That’s 328,084 feet, for anyone who likes a little extra math to go with your imagination. 

The Kármán line was named after the Hungarian-American engineer and physicist Theodore von Kármán and it represents a symbolic milestone in the human quest to explore the great beyond. 

Why is a line important? Well because International law states that “outer space shall be free for exploration and use by all” and, since space can’t be precisely measured, there are others (like NASA) who say space begins at the 50-mile mark. 

Okay, well that’s the thing with boundaries. They can be set by different people, and they can mean different things at different times. Calculations are merely measurements.

The Bottom Line on Top of this episode is that freedom for exploration is always free and open to all-no line required.

So with all that space (pun intended) to explore, the question becomes how much effort are you willing to give to cross limitations in pursuit of your personal potential. 

Let’s go back to the Karman Line and use the 62 measure. Assuming each effort represents distance of here-to-there, what would you be willing to do 62 times to get where you want to go? And let’s get rid of the mile and look at this in terms of repetition.

Every success is the result of multiple attempts. Sure, we can occasionally get something on the first try, but it’s the effort that amplifies the outcome. 

You cannot do naturally what you haven’t done repeatedly. What are you willing to do 62 times – this could be something daily for two months and two days (based on the month), or an hour and two minutes, or one minute and 2 seconds?

There’s a lot of exploration that can happen in all different places and spaces. And objects which include goals – are often much closer than they appear. 

Let’s use an example. If your goal is better time or energy management, would you change your wake up or bedtime for 62 days? Hmm-that seems like a lot. How about one time by 62 minutes? How about tomorrow you just adjust it by 62 seconds? 

The only effort that ever really takes you off the ground is the effort to start. 

Consistency is a promise you keep to yourself. You set your own Karman line. 

From a different perspective, what are you doing repeatedly now (or at least 62 times) that isn’t lifting you higher? 
What invisible boundaries have defined the limits of your time, talent, and trajectory?
Where is the gravity that pulls you backward when your sights are aimed higher?

Sometimes there are circumstances that we can’t control; other times it’s control that changes our circumstances. 

And for those of you who keep burning the miles, make sure you stop and occasionally check the map. Is your fuel being used in service to someone else’s journey?

Boundaries are important, not just as a gauge to assess the intersections ahead; but also to make sure that we’re extending only the required effort to get to where we’re going.

Episode 20 explores how we exchange energy to power progress and looks at the momentum that comes when we adjust fuel and reduce friction. 

This is an important reminder that not everything worth doing has to be hard. We don’t have to over explain, overthink, and overdo just to cover a marathon of miles. 

This episode is intentionally short, the intention is to add a quick spark to the engine in your mind. 

For today, check the measurements on your control panel. Is your destination clear? Do you need to refuel? Where else would you like to explore? The world, and beyond, is open and free for all. 

I’ll end with a quote from American author Ursula Kroeber Le Guin, which says: It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end. 

Until next time, take good care.

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