Ep. 63 – Your Brain Offline: The Benefits of a Tech Sabbatical

As I record this, the days are stretching into summer in the Western Hemisphere. It’s light out later, schools are officially out, and people are happily heading to holidays and vacations. I’ve been seeing a lot of social signaling online from out-of-office messages to posts proclaiming time away from…posting. 

We’re all so used to being digitally on demand that any time away from tech seems to require a pre-notification. Silently slipping offline seems a little strange. 

For this reason, today’s episode is a Rewind. Episode 21 was first released in August 2022 and outlined the case for space, specifically space from technology. The idea of a tech sabbatical inspires mixed reactions, often swinging between delight to defensive to dread. 

Regardless of how and how often you decide to use it, studies have shown there are true, tangible physical and mental benefits to being offline. What follows is an extended excerpt from the original 7-minute episode about testing out a tech sabbatical. I hope you enjoy and I wish you many ways to enjoy the summer days. 

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