Been There, Burned Out, Learned Better

A lot of About Pages read
like a corporate bio.

If that’s helpful, the highlights of my career and education can be found on LinkedIn.

What this page offers is more
about the person behind the passion.

I’ve spent the last two decades collecting research and insight from big business and big thinkers. My focus on human potential, however, came when my oldest son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum in the mid-2000s. Suddenly, data was simply information without relevance or experience. I went from focusing on collecting achievements and shifted to learning about the potential of the mind. I did a lot of testing and learning both professionally and personally.

My years in academia and corporate, plus a relentless focus on research, led me to develop workshops, keynotes, and group learnings on how to rewire our internal hardware and
update our mental software.

In today’s extra digital times, we are all learning new and better ways to communicate, connect, and deliver results. Unlock helps you quickly start, upgrade, and amplify in key areas so you can live life on your terms.